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As a leading fintech technology provider, we deliver the best turnkey solutions for your business.

Crypto Exchange

The most advanced Exchange and trading platform for Cryptocurrency. Simple yet sophisticated, this customised product provides you the flexibility necessary in the Fintech World.

  • Powerful front-end platform with custom features;
  • Personalised design;
  • Client balance;
  • Wide variety of crypto trading assets;
  • Advanced CRM;
  • Fully branded website with the Trader’s room;
  • Knowledgeable and experienced Success Manager and 24 hours customer support service.

Digital Bank

We enable businesses the possibility to offer fully digital and fully compliant financial services to their end-consumers. Our combination platform is engineered like a startup yet contains the regulatory expertise of a fully licensed bank, allowing our clients to focus solely on the core of their business.

  • Launch your product quickly on Bank’s platform;
  • Combine the Digital Banking solution with the Cards solution for account-specific cards;
  • Stay compliant with EU banking regulation.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Providing you with a technical solution to setup up; a Crypto payment gateway for your company brand will ensure a seamless customer experience regardless of the payment channel or country. Designed for a Crypto Licensed Company, EMIs, PSP and others, that offer payment services to their merchant customer base.


Processing performance is approximately 20 Tx/s (5x blockchain)

Cloud-based ready solution

Flexible and scalable infrastructure


Guaranteed reaction time

Multilingual highly experienced team

Personal approach to every Client


Transparent fees for processing transactions:

X% for withdrawals, Y% – for deposits

Complete summary of the network processing fees

International presence


2-Factor Google Authentication

Protection from DDoS attacks and SQL injections

Hot & Cold Wallet support

Auto-withdraw to cold wallets after reaching the limits

Failure tolerance

Digital Wallet

Providing you the best digital payment experience. The WLLX Wallet combines in-store, in-app and e-commerce payments, providing you with a fresh and personalized customer experience. Our service enables you to keep tech-savvy customers as pro-active spenders and engage unbanked and financially underserved customers when applying digital payments and transfers.

  • Bring your customers the best m-commerce, e-commerce and in-store mobile payment solution;
  • Make their checkouts more convenient with a variety of payment options: QR, NFC, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, tokenization, mobile coupons, restaurant bill splitting and many more;
  • Finish their experience by Rewarding them with family wallet programs and geo-targeted offers;
  • Entertain your customers with chatbot banking and the gamified personal finance advice options.


All-in-one brokerage solution that contains front-end, back-end and an advanced reporting system which performs as a data discovery solution.

  • Over 1000 tradable assets;
  • Fully branded MT4 trading platforms;
  • Web-based trading platform that is synchronized with MT4;
  • Fully branded website with Trader’s room;
  • Multiple integrations to the payment providers;
  • Advanced CRM;
  • Knowledgeable and experienced success manager and 24 hours customer support service.

Wallex is at the forefront of Fintech solutions.

We offer comprehensive software solutions and business consulting services for the financial market industry. We believe the key to success is advanced technology and successful advisory services.

Therefore, as an operating technology company, Wallex provides all-inclusive solutions for every client and situation. Wallex will guide and provide you with everything you need for you to focus on what you do best!

Customer support

Fully dedicated Customer support Wallex is at your service to assist you any time.

Our Customer Support Team monitors our technology infrastructure 24/7 to ensure the stability of the systems and to offer first response assistance.

The Customer Success team has a deep product and industry knowledge, and are always ready to guide you not only in how to use our systems but also how to increase your revenue.

Trusted provider

Wallex only a technology provider, we do not compete with Fintech, Crypto exchange or brokers.

The protection of client data and stability of our systems is our direction and foremost priority of our company.

With Wallex, you will not think about any technological aspects. You will be able to focus on your core strengths.

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